Behind the Scenes


"The polystyrene extrusions are cut using a large-format 5-axis hot wire cutter, custom made for this project. Rectangular polystyrene foam slabs of different thicknesses (50, 75, 100, 150mm) are used based on the sizes of the final pieces. The hot wire cutter is programmed to move according to the profiles described in a 3D model. The tilted ends of the column are first cut and then the profile of the columns is traced. A rotary table on the machine enables the cutting progress to be completed with one single fixing, avoiding inaccuracy from re-clamping the soft material. The anchoring holes between the front and the back column are drilled by a custom drilling machine that can simultaneously operate on the two aligned ends of the column." -Victor Leung (Collaborator)

 「為了製作本次展覽用的「圍」支,我們特地使用了一個大型五軸發熱線切割機來進行切割工作。聚苯乙烯泡沫板厚度是根據柱最終尺寸而設定的,分別有50, 75, 100, 150毫米厚。發熱線切割機是根據3D模型編程中描述的輪廓來移動的。首先會把柱的傾斜端切掉,然後跟踪柱子的輪廓走動。機器上的旋轉工作台可以通過單一的固定點來完成切割過程,避免因為材料軟化而引致切割不准確。前後立柱之間的錨孔是由定制的鑽機鑽出的,因此鑽機可以同時在立柱的兩端對齊。」-梁博然 (參與者)

Behind the scenes